Our Italian Wines


  • Ciavolich Ancilla Chardonnay

  • 100% Chardonnay Tech Sheet
  • Ciavolich Ancilla Montepulciano

  • 100% Montepulciano Tech Sheet
  • Ciavolich Antrum Montepulciano

  • 100% Montepulciano Tech Sheet
  • Ciavolich Aries Pecorino

  • 100% Pecorino Tech Sheet
  • Ciavolich Divus Montepulciano

  • 100% Montepulciano Tech Sheet
  • Ciavolich Donna Ernestina Rosato

  • 85% Montepulciano and 15% Passerina Tech Sheet

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  • Terre dei Nobili Montepulciano

  • 100% Montepulciano Tech Sheet
  • Terre di Poggio Coste Mancini Pinot Noir Terre di Chieti
    100% Pinot Noir Tech Sheet
  • Terre di Poggio Passo Cale Montepulciano D'Abruzzo
    100% Montepulciano Tech Sheet


  • Cescon Tralcetto Pinot Grigio DOC
    100% Pinot Grigio  Tech Sheet
  • Vini Di Bacco Pinot Grigio
    Pinot Grigio Tech Sheet


  • Casale Del Giglio Petit Verdot
    100% Petit Verdot Tech Sheet


  • Cantine Francesco Montagna Sangue di Giuda - Sparkling Sweet Red
    45% Croatina, 45% Barbera,5% Ughetta, 5% Uva Rara Tech Sheet
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  • Bel-Sit Barbera d'Asti "La Turna"

  • 100% Barbera Tech Sheet
  • Bel-Sit Barbera Superiore D'Asti DOCG "Sichivej"

  • 100% Barbera Tech Sheet

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  • Chiarle Piedmonte Moscato

  • 100% Moscato Tech Sheet

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  • Barbera D'Asti Superiore "La Regina" DOCG

  •  100$ BarberaTech Sheet
  • Clasic-Ruche DOCG - Superiore

  • 100% Ruche Tech Sheet
  • Del Martin Barbera D'Asti

  • 100% Barbera Tech Sheet
  • Dulcis in Fundo Malvasia di Casorzo[Sweet]

  • 100% Malvasia Tech Sheet
  • Opera Prima - Ruche DOCG - Riserva

  • 100% Ruche Tech Sheet

Visit  Veglio

  • Veglio, M & F Bacco Sweet Red
    30% Barbera & 70% Dolcetto Tech Sheet
  • Veglio, M & F Barbera d'Alba
    100% Barbera Tech Sheet
  • Veglio, M & F Baric
    Nebbiolo & Dolcetto Tech Sheet
  • Veglio, M & F Veglio Rosso Sinfonia
    Dolcetto, Barbera, & Nebbiolo Tech Sheet

Visit Vinchio-Vaglio

  • Vinchio-Vaglio I Tre Vescovi
    100% Barbera Tech Sheet
  • Vinchio-Vaglio Le Nocche
    100% Grignolino Tech Sheet
  • Vinchio-Vaglio Tutti Per Uno
    50% Barbera, 40% Cabernet, 10% Merlot Tech Sheet


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  • Apollonio Rocca dei Mori Salice Salentino
    Tech Sheet



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Visit  Damiani

  • Damiani Chianti DOCG
    85% Sangiovese and 15% Canaiolo and Colorino Tech Sheet
  • Damiani Chianti Reserva
    85% Sangiovese and 15% Merlot Tech Sheet
  • Tenuta di Bibbiano Chianti Classicco Collection Gran Selezione "Vermissage"
    100% Sangiovese Tech Sheet
  • Tenuta di Bibbiano Chianti Classico "Bibbiano" DOCG
    95% Sangiovese and 5% Colorino Tech Sheet
  • Tenuta di Bibbiano Chianti Classico Montornello DOCG
    100% Sangiovese Tech Sheet
  • Martoccia Brunello di Montalcino
    100% Sangiovese Tech Sheet


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Winery brochure

  • Cavazza Capitel S.Libera Recioto Di Gambellara Classico
    Tech Sheet
  • Cavazza Rondo Rosso

The Italo Cescon wine growing and producing company was established on 1957 not so far from Treviso city by its brave founder Italo Cescon.The area of Doc Piave includes 80 ha of vineyards with red and white grapes that are cultivated for still wines and covers a vast plain of Veneto that is confined to the south by the Adriatic Sea, to the north-west by the gentle hills of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, is crossed by the river Piave and to north-east it borders on the region Friuli Venezia Giulia.    Visit  Cescon

  • Cescon Apostoli Pinot Grigio
    100% Pinot Grigio  Tech sheet
  • Cescon Tralcetto Cabernet Sauvignon
    100% Cabernet Sauvignon; Tech Sheet
  • Cescon Tralcetto Chardonnay
    100% Chardonnay Tech Sheet
  • Cescon Tralcetto Pinot Nero
    100% Pinot Nero Tech Sheet

The Corte del Sole vineyard can be found nestled in the gentle hills of Soave, just a few kilometers from Verona on a slope overlooking the valley. Today, the Magnabosco family carries on the passion and tradition, which three generations have handed down. Just like skilled craftsmen, the family carefully follows all the production phases to create exceptional wines.

  • Corte del Sole Amarone della Valpolicella
    70% Corvina; 30% Rondinella Tech Sheet
  • Corte del Sole Ripasso della Valpolicella
    70% Corvina; 30% Rondinella Tech Sheet

At present the farm is run by the family Lenotti. All its members are involved in the running of the business: parents - Giancarlo (oenologist , production manager and facilities supervisor), Marina (sales manager for the home market), and their son Claudio (export manager). The wine cellar has a capacity of about 25.000 hectolitres made up for the most part of stainless steel tanks. Oak butts and barriques are almost exclusively employed for the ageing and fermentation of the wines "Amarone DOC Classico", "Di Carlo", "Ripasso Valpolicella DOC Classico Superiore", "Cabernet Sauvignon DOC Garda" and our great red wines "Massimo" and "Le Olle".    Visit  Lenotti

  • Lenotti Amarone della Valpolicella
    70% corvina, 25% rondinella and 5% molinara Tech Sheet
  • Lenotti Bardolino
    50% corvina, 40% rondinella and 10% molinara Tech Sheet
  • Lenotti Chiaretto 
  • Lenotti Crosare Valpolicella Ripasso Classico
  • Lenotti Custoza
  • Lenotti Recioto Valpolicella DOCG Classico
  • Lenotti Rosso Passo
    Merlot and Sangiovese Tech Sheet
  • Lenotti Valpolicella Classico
    60% corvina, 35% rondinella and 5% molinara Tech Sheet
  • Zeni Chiaretto Classico
    50% Corvina, 40% Rondinella, 10% Molinara Tech Sheet